Are you a tennis fan or do you want to become one? In this article you will find the benefits of this exciting sport. You can browse the books that tell this, stories, successes and defeats and useful tips as well as a list of all the useful accessories to practice Tennis. It will be very direct and effective. Don’t lose its content. Keep reading.

THE DISCIPLINE - To play tennis, as in all other sports, you will have to discipline your training. You have to be steadfast, train concentration and be humble.


Looking for power and control? Are you a beginner or do you have fun at an amateur level? The WILSON racket could
interest you. You can choose between different sizes and different colors. As you play you will find out what is right. It is not a soccer ball.
Of course, because the racket you will use will be the extension of your arm and it will have to be part of you. If you are looking for a racket that is too light
the blows will never be so powerful. And viceversa. So what I want to recommend is a solution halfway between comfort and weighing
of the racket. The racket must be stiff because in this way you will avoid its deformation over time due to the impact with the tennis ball.
As for the pros, they choose a racquet with a smaller oval to improve control. If you are at the beginning and you still have to
better experience this exciting and fun sport I recommend a large oval. A racquet with a tighter grip will do
otherwise you will feel more fatigue on the forearm. What you will need to remember is that you will need to change the strings regularly.



THE TIME - Learn to manage time. As in music, it is a question of rhythm. A ballet, a score to perform before the backhand.


A great way to train even at home and in time lapses you might consider this kit useful for training your hands and your wrist.
The kit includes an adjustable tool from 5 to 60 kg to strengthen the grip, a trainer for the fingers, an extension for the fingers, a ring
of grip and an antistress. Using them you will exercise the flexibility of the fingers, wrist and arm. Use supports arthritis recovery,
tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel. Don’t leave anything to chance.



SELF CONTROL - You will learn to manage emotions and don't lose your temper. When you are on clay, you only have to rely on yourself.


If you want to create your own style and prefer to use special glasses for your matches, I want to briefly introduce you to these glasses.
First you can choose between different models to customize your look. They are sturdy, durable and light to wear. They are made with TR90 material.
special material used for the production of resistant glasses that do not tire the ears. The ends and the support on the nose are non-slip.
You can take them with you whenever you want to practice any other sport. They block UVA, B and C rays. You will have a microfibre cloth and one
hard case to best store your new sports glasses.



INDEPENDENCE - Tennis is a largely individual sport. Alone on clay, you will learn, day after day, to be your own coach.


SOCIALITY - You will understand the need to know your opponent as if he were your best friend. You are not as completely alone and unique as you think. Observation, learning, action.


Obvious. To play, it will not be enough for you to have your fantastic and very affectionate racket, you must also have balls. You can also buy only
the tubes (3×4) but I also wanted to add the overgrips if you need them, just to let you notice. As for tennis balls, they are standard balls. You will not have
problems. The brand is great and has great reviews as you can see for yourself. Enjoy.



RESILIENCE - You will appreciate the value of defeat because it will give you the impulse to improve yourself, athletically and mentally.


Were you thinking about using the towels that your wife, girlfriend or dear mum has so carefully placed in the closet to take them with you to the
your amazing tennis match? Stop. Are you serious? You really want to risk a cosmic emotional storm. Do this: check out these colorful microfiber towels
ecological and antibacterial, soft, resistant and colored and nobody will get hurt. Quick drying and super absorbent. You can also store it in its transportable case.
Buy it now. Even before you buy your own racket.



MATURITY - This sport will help us feed critical thinking. You will be good at distinguishing priorities from urgencies and important things from those that are not at all.

  • CLAY

The backhand is a tennis shot in which one swings the racquet around one's body with the back of the hand preceding the palm.

Tennis is a sport that sees two players or four opposing in a field divided in two halves by a net about one meter high from the ground.

Clay is a type of fine-grained natural soil material that contains hydrous aluminum phyllosilicates (clay minerals) that develops plasticity when wet.

Rafael Nadal Parera, known as Rafa, is a Spanish tennis player, number 2 in the ATP ranking. By virtue of the records and titles achieved, the powerful, complete and effective style of play on all surfaces, he is recognized as one of the best tennis players of all time.

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